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We always celebrate Diwali in our Grandmother’s place.. a village in Northern Tamilnadu.. Going back to my childhood days..
My great grand parents and my grandmother (Maternal side) lived in the village. Great grandpa (Thatha) is no more.. When he was there, Diwali was a very big festival to us.. Crackers, sweets, and lotsa fun.. A day before the festival, all ladies become busy making sweets and cleaning home. On Diwali, Gowramma is taken out from her case, decorated with a new saree, jewels and flowers. A small temple is built for her in the centre of our living room. Banana trees and many flowers are used to decorate the temple. In the evening, Nadaswaram and dhol is played by 4-5 people. Puja starts and villagers come to our home to pray Gowramma and do something called nomulu. Deepams are lit everywhere in and around our home. We burst crackers in our new dresses.
After 3 days, the temple is dismantled and taken to the nearby river in a procession. Dhol and Nadaswaram is played and crackers burst all the way from the village to the river. The temple ie the banana trees and all that is used for decoration is immersed in the river after a puja.
After Thatha passed away, this grand puja and celebration came to an end. Last year, we started doing the puja again in a small way and not as grand as we did before.


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