About Me


** In 2010 **

She loves spending time alone, loves reading books and never gets bored. She always has something to do. She loves playing with kids, admires nature, likes travelling..  Oops..!! I forgot to mention her Teddy 🙂 So these are her Chinni chinni ashalu & santhoshalu 🙂

She has lots of HaTeS too.. Corruption, Superstition, India’s Educational System, Communal Violence, Empty Vessels (Who make more noise…!!) and many more..

She dreams of becoming an entrepreneur like her dad.. Believes in hard work and not luck/fate.. Likes to be independent..

This Blog is a mix of her Personal, Social and Technical Talks..

** In 2015 **

And now.. She is married and a mother of a toddler boy.

Also blogs @ ChikiTiki

She started ChikiTiki to share all craft & art work she does at home.


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. johnehweasley says:

    Nice Blog! More posts plsss! 😀 I came here by the Aasay chocolate post! Haha! I was suddenly stuck by the memories of Aasay chocolate and googled it and there came your blog. Pls click my name to visit my blog! I HATE VIOLENCE too! 😀

  2. d.sivaji jayakumaran says:

    Hi keerthana
    we were so happy to see and read your blog and wish you to give all helps to fulfill your wishes and keep going. congratulation

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