Candies of the 90’s

Back in the 1990’s..

On a bright Sunday morning, my mom opened the iron hundi and took out four 25 Paise coins and five 10 Paise coins. Our faces (Me and my brother) brightened. We took the coins and ran down the stairs to ‘Touch’ the bicycle 🙂 (Rule: One who touches the bicycle first can ride it). As usual he touched it first and he rode. I went running behind.

“The Super Fancy Store” down the street sold stationery, chocolates, toys, et cetera. We went to the store to buy “Poppins”. The most common ones were the Mango bite, Coffee bite, Poppins, Rola cola, orange mittai (I don’t remember the exact name), Cadbury Gems, Hajmola, Gold coin chocolate(new entry in the market), Aasay chocolate and one (Again I don’t remember the name :()which was similar to Polo but without a hole 🙂

I remember my classmates trying to stretch the “Aasay” chocolate wrapper. There was a talk that one who stretches it to the maximum will get something for free. No one knew what that something was and from where to get that something.

I don’t remember buying a Cadbury 5-star chocolate or any bar chocolate. Four 25 paise and five 10 paise coins certainly would not have been sufficient.

Back to the topic..

We bought the poppins and I was getting ready to run. My brother felt pity for me and gave the cycle. Hiiiiyaaaaaa..!! But.. I couldn’t ride with the poppins in my hand. He offered to help me. He took the poppins and ran home.  I happily rode the bicycle and even went extra rounds. By the time I reached home….…:(Well..!! U can imagine what would have happened to the “Parle Poppins”. He took the lion’s share…!!